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This is the one sentence summary:

An agent who unwittingly assassinates his brother undertakes a journey to redeem himself.

And here are a few more details:

  • The Theme: You can be redeemed from darkness but not its consequences.
  • The Genre: This is a hard one. Fiction. That’s all I’m going to tell you…
  • The Title: Unfortunately, I don’t have one yet. And that’s why this page is called “the Book”.


Every once in a while, I want to share how my book is coming along. As some of you may know, I’m writing a fictional book for young adults – an idea I’ve had since 2012. The one sentence summary:

An agent who unwittingly assassinates his brother undertakes a journey to redeem himself.

You will notice the main character is not called an assassin. I don’t think I need to explain how overused assassins are in fiction books. The protagonist is a new agent for SEPIA (Secret Enforcement Protection Intelligence Agency). And that is all I’m going to tell you. 🙂

The overall plot is done, but I’m now working on the scenes and nitty-gritty details. For now, I thought it would be fun to give you a feel for the world this book is set in.

The World

This is a speculative fiction book. Speculative fiction defined by the dictionary is “a genre of fiction that encompasses works in which the setting is other than the real world, involving supernatural, futuristic, or other imagined elements.” So what is the world like?

When describing the book to friends, I tell them to imagine the creatures of Narnia. Except creatures and humans live together in peace in a very normal world.

Now fast forward thousands of years later with modern technological advancements. This progress has created tension between the creature and humans. And it is this world of tension the protagonist enters into.

I’m much more interested in character development than world building, but I hope this gives you a glimpse into the world these characters will be living in. In a couple of months, I’ll share more about the main character!


Plotting is completed. The writing has commenced!

I have been working on the plot off and on now for the past year and a half. Technically, I’ve had the idea for 5 years (since August 2012), but I’m glad to just start writing.

My original plan was to design every subplot, twist, and turn. I wanted it to be “perfect” before I started writing.

Then last week, I stepped back from my computer and thought, “This is as good as it gets. Any more time I spend on this plot from here on out is me stalling.”

So I sat down and started writing. Even though I’m still in the first chapter, I keep thinking, “Okay, I didn’t see that coming…”

But those serendipitous moments make writing exciting, and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here.

At the same time, writing has been 100 times harder than I thought it would be. Someone pass over the coffee while I hunker down for the next year or more. And here’s to me hoping the book doesn’t take another 5 years to write or anything crazy…

Since you have read this far and been so patient, I will drop one new thing about the book — the character’s name. You ready? Here it is!

Griffin Scribbles

Yep, you read it right. Scribbles. There is a whole story behind his name, but I’m not telling you. At least not yet. 😉