My Favorite Books of 2018

Greetings couch explorers and book readers. What were your favorite books of 2018? The ones you hated, liked, or loved? Share them in the comments and let’s talk about it. I’m excited to hear what everyone has been reading!

For me, 2018 became the year of unfinished books. In The Book Whisperer, a teacher shares how she created a culture of literary obsession in a classroom. Want kids to love reading? Teach them it’s okay to drop books and start new ones. I took the lesson to heart. But the few books I did end up finishing this year were amazing. Here are my favorite books of 2018.

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Dangerous Seed Catalogs and Little House on the Prairie

All gardeners know how dangerous a beautiful seed catalog is.

My obsession with seeds, vegetables, and plants started at age 12. By then, I had devoured biographies and histories of settlers, pioneers, and backwoodsmen. The reason I loved all these books could be traced back to one source: Little House on the Prairie.

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