3 Things Every Teen Should Know about Social Media

Social media has changed my life.

It’s an incredible opportunity to connect with new people I would have never met otherwise. To share and learn new ideas and perspectives.

But there is an uncomfortable truth I sense more and more when using social media. A lurking danger behind all the connecting, content-creating, photo-sharing, and influence-growing.

Here are 3 truths every young person should know about social media.

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Frisbee Taught Me an Incredible Fact About Life

RIP frisbee.

You know you play too much frisbee when you break a heavy-duty, official Discraft 175 gram UltraStar — aka., the best frisbee ever.

I started thinking about why I love frisbee so much. Maybe it is how anyone of any age can play. Or the ability to play offense and defense simultaneously. More than anything, I know the reason is more selfish.

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My Favorite Apps for My iPhone

iPhone apps

Our phones can be technological gifts, empowering us to become more productive, creative, and healthy.

Instead of the technological gifts they should be, our phones often become our chains. Notifications are the stimuli for our brains drooling for social acceptance and connection. Swiping and scrolling are the new dopamine drug, releasing with every flick of the fingers. Welcome to the dark, time-sucking hole called “Your Phone’s Screen”.

Until now.

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Compilation 4.3.17

Drumroll, please. You – the readers – responded to the latest email newsletter with your favorite songs. This Compilation is a list (in no particular order) of all those amazing song selections. And I even join in the game at the end…

Welcome to the Compilation – a list of cool content that I find you found across the interwebs!

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