Into Kenya

Why was I (really) going to Kenya?  The trip ends with a surprising answer  •  20 min read


Mystery murders stalk candidates.” I stared at the bold headlines of the Nairobi magazine, Saturday Standard. The murder story engrossed a woman waiting for the same flight to Kisumu as I was. After trying to disentangle meaning from the awkward phrase, my fogged brain gave up and appealed to my friend sitting next to me. Anthony shrugged his shoulders.

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Compilation 6.5.17

The curious case of “Q”, a full-length documentary about one of my favorite musicians, and the craziest timelapse I’ve ever seen of NYC. Also, a cool story about the motivational power of drawing. And fellrunning. And more…

Welcome to the Compilation – a list of cool content that I find across the interwebs. And today, it’s jampacked!

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Dear Church: a Letter from Young People

Millennials. Narcissists. Entitled.

Expectations for our generation could not be lower. I don’t deny the statistics and our flaws, but it breaks my heart how many in the church have written us off as a failure.

To clarify, I love the church. I’m plugged into my local congregation and wish more of my friends shared the same passion. But I want to give a heartfelt plea to those in the church. With love and humility, here are four things we need to plead with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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The Time I Tried to Uncover Magic Kingdom’s Secret Scent

“It smells like a horse in here,” a kid proclaimed.

The monorail doors closed as we began our rapture to the magical destination. I was at Magic Kingdom twelve years ago as a 10-year-old.  Now, a 10-year-old’s observation shook me out of my vision of past memories and anticipation of the coming magic. I sniffed. It did smell like a horse. The barn air was unmistakable, but I was more surprised where I was smelling this — on a monorail taking my family to Disney.

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