uncertain season

steaming days of half sun, half rain
the sun glinting off the drizzling
until clouds roll in
bringing gentle rain and then pattering
drops on the already damp concrete
still warm from the last clear sky
blue, now gray
comforting in a way, the monochrome
giving azalea flowers and papaya leaves
a chance to cool until light magnifies droplets
while the ground emanates warmth
to wet bare feet
but there’s time for them to dry
and the barley tea to steep
when it’s done, I’ll pour it
over ice and we’ll hold it
in condensating cups dripping from contact
with heat and cold and warm hands
give it time
another front will blow in carrying
more water than we need
but tomorrow it will evaporate
and leave our cups empty in the sink


laying out with backs to the grass
while dog rolls between the blades
face first
in a field sunbaked yet grows green
must be what’s underneath our
bodies still
despite the rotting and decay
grass deepens then reaches for the
blazing sky
filling lungs with scented revery
for the dusking walk home

a summer storm

a blank canvas of gray
shapeless solid shifting
sometimes drizzling rain
but now hinting of warm
setting sun rays hiding


the canvas crumples
into visible clouds
billows balm pink blushing
but now fading to gray
shadows blanketing earth



Tiptoeing on a stool
To cast my reflection
Onto the bathroom mirror with fingers half the size
Gripping a blowdryer meant for drying dripping heads
But I blow everything 
Except for my head

Hot air making the hair
On my neck stick straight out
My shirt rising like a jellyfish, slow motion
Floating, covered in bumps up and down my spinal ridge
They spread with shivering
As good feelings do

White noise droning, drowning
After shower hours
Into foggy clock hands and foggier mirrors filled
With cowlicks and damp feet I can’t see past misty
Imagery — but I still hear
The oscillating beat