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Hi. My name is Samuel.

Who are you?
A 22-year-old passionate about storytelling. And a book worm since I could pick a book up. I’m currently in a program to become a Middle School English teacher.

I’m also writing a book! 

What do you write about?
Every month, it’s something completely different and fresh. Here are some of my favorite posts on the blog.  

My Childhood Summed Up in 1 Word  •  average
We’re All Nifflers  •  average
The Time I Tried to Uncover Magic Kingdom’s Secret Scent  •  long
Into Kenya  •  longer


When do you post?
I send out a personal newsletter to my friends every Monday. If you want the latest content, book updates, and more, join the club.  


Thanks for stopping by,
Samuel Byers

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