Compilation 5.15.17

Wet deserts (in Dartmoor), old proverbs, and Mother’s Day. Also, I share one of my “creative heroes”.

Welcome to the Compilation – a list of cool content that I find across the interwebs.


When in college, my mom would always tell me to turn my music down or be quiet. Then I would play this song and say, “Okay, I’ll play ‘Quiet’…” A perfect example of not applying Ephesians 6:1.

But seriously, happy (belated) Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. And kids, keep your music down. 😉





Since I discovered the wonderful world of soundtracks at age 16, the composer John Williams has always been one of my “creative heroes/role models”. But it really hit home when watching a panel of 8 other composers last month. They acted dejected and self-conscious. When the interviewer asked them about their family life, they all laughed. “You don’t have a life as a composer!” they said. That’s what made the 2 following videos such a stark contrast. At age 85, John Williams is still a creative mastermind with a joyful and humble attitude.

Who are some of your favorite “creative heroes/role models/artists”? Why? How do they provide inspiration to you? Share it in the comments below!

Start at 1:02 and watch what J.J. Abrams says about him.

I’m heading to Africa this week! So this will be the last Compilation until June. See you then.