Compilation 5.8.17

Chinese factory workers who write poems on their phone, a mockumentary about artisanal “water makers”, and the word of the day. Also, why do we use violent language to describe positive things?

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There is a place only you can go.

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Joshua Harris kills it in this video.

When I use to work at Starbucks, I stumbled across this satirical video. Thinking it was hilarious, I showed it to all my fellow baristas. I don’t think they found it as funny as I did… 🙂 But sometimes, you have to step back and laugh at yourself.


They find the time outside of the 14-hour shifts to write about their lives.

This article was such an eye opener about the people who make our phones. Even how we, as consumers, have become complicit in these worker’s hardships. One eerie quote said, “the danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that men may become robots.” The Chinese factory worker’s poetry is a response to such horrible conditions.

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