Compilation 4.24.17

Why ideas are overrated, incredible time-lapses of Yosemite, and Star Wars Rebels’ last season. Also, are kids today overprotected?

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If you enjoyed the music in the first video (linked below), this is the song they were using:


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These two time-lapses are incredible, but make sure to watch the first one linked here. 🙂


For those of you who are also Disney Rebel fans, you might have missed the trailer for season 4 (the final season)… So here it is. 🙂


A friend shared this article on a forum and I thought it was an incredible piece. Here were my thoughts on the article:

“There really is this balance between making sure your kids are safe versus letting them explore without supervision. People want to know why kids just sit at home, play video games, and do nothing. And this is ‘partly’ the parent’s fault – don’t go outside, lock the doors, and occupy yourself with something. And if you do go outside, don’t even think about leaving the backyard.

Just last week, I saw a 12-year-old riding a bicycle, holding a fishing pole, and heading to the nearest river. I had to laugh. My parents would have killed me if I tried something like that.”

Agree? Disagree? After reading the article, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

The Overprotected Kid

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