Frisbee Taught Me an Incredible Fact About Life

RIP frisbee.

You know you play too much frisbee when you break a heavy-duty, official Discraft 175 gram UltraStar — aka., the best frisbee ever.

I started thinking about why I love frisbee so much. Maybe it is how anyone of any age can play. Or the ability to play offense and defense simultaneously. More than anything, I know the reason is more selfish.

I love the euphoria of jumping. Yes, you read it right. Jumping. The split second of being air born. The challenge of trying to jump a few inches higher to catch a flying piece of circular plastic.

Fall Hard

But there has always been one thing holding me back when playing frisbee. Even though I enjoy jumping, I’m afraid of falling. Ridiculous, right? What if I fall the wrong way? Break a bone? Twist an ankle?

When the frisbee was still in one whole piece, my sister and I were throwing it around outside. As the frisbee sailed over my head, I jumped with all the power I had — and fell. Despite almost falling flat on my face, I felt this strange sense of accomplishment.

This was was the first time I had fallen when playing frisbee. How was this an accomplishment? I had failed! In fact, I continued to fail to catch the frisbee over and over again. Even falling more for good measure.

Jump High

I decided right then and there to create a new rule for myself. No matter how high it goes over my head, or how impossible it seems to catch, I’m going to jump for it.

Yes, I will fail to catch 50% of the frisbees thrown to me. Yes, I will lose my balance and fall hard to the ground. But the point is I tried. I gave it all I had. When I fail and fall, I’m going to get up and do it again. Again. And again.

When you dedicate yourself to jumping high and falling hard, you will get bruised, bloodied, and beaten. Of course, I have never been bruised, bloodied, and beaten from playing frisbee…

The Point

“Wow, you take frisbee seriously,” you think to yourself. Not exactly, but hopefully it illustrates a larger point. We’re afraid. We fear to dream big, aim high, and go for it. We’re afraid of falling and failing.

  • “What if I set myself up for failure?”
  • “What if tell my dream to others, only to not follow through?”
  • “What if I don’t get it right the first time and do the wrong thing?”


It’s what holds us back from attempting and achieving so many things in life. You can’t live life safe, hiding behind a perpetual veil of what you want others to see or think about you. Step out. Embrace difficult, hard things. Confront the fear.

You’ll regret it if you don’t.

When I look back at all the content I have produced in the past few years, I am not proud of every single thing I have created. I have not written every article perfectly, made every video a masterpiece, or took every picture at just the right angle. But I started and gave it my best shot, even when it meant failing hard and looking stupid.

If you are not falling or getting bruised, then you’re not trying to jump high enough. 

Don’t be afraid of getting hurt, taking risks, and dreaming big. Aim high, work hard, and celebrate the failures. Because failure means you are someone dedicated to doing hard things.

Start it. Keep at it. And know I’m pulling for you.

What do you think? What risks are you taking this year? Do you have a story of “falling hard”? Share your thoughts below and let’s talk about it!



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