My Favorite Apps for My iPhone

Our phones can be technological gifts, empowering us to become more productive, creative, and healthy.

Instead of the technological gifts they should be, our phones often become our chains. Notifications are the stimuli for our brains drooling for social acceptance and connection. Swiping and scrolling are the new dopamine drug, releasing with every flick of the fingers. Welcome to the dark, time-sucking hole called “Your Phone’s Screen”.

Until now.

Today is the day you will make your phone work for you. Welcome to my not-so-comprehensive guide to my top 7 favorite apps for my iPhone (in no particular order).

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1. Moment

Maybe I shouldn’t call this one my “favorite” app. Moment can track how much time you spend on my iPhone and even what apps you’re using. I’m using the free version, but it has opened my eyes to how much time I’m wasting on my iPhone.


I discovered Moment through the site Time Well Spent. They put together a great video, This Panda is Dancing, that will hopefully encourage you to think deeper about your relationship with your phone.

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2. Headspace

At the risk of sounding super weird, this app to help you meditate is amazing. I was full of doubt and hesitation when I downloaded the app, but it finally won me over.

Meditating? Have you gone crazy Samuel?

Probably, but here is how I use Headspace: before I read my Bible in the morning, I spend 3 to 5 minutes sitting quietly (a.k.a., “meditating”). And you know what has happened? I’m able to defog my sleepy brain and focus on what I’m reading.

Trust me. I’m in grizzly-bear-that-just-woke-out-of-hibernation mode when I wake up and I need all the help I can get.





This has been my go-to photo editing app for a while. Absolutely love how the app has evolved over the years. It keeps getting better and better! VSCO has incredible photo editing tools, but it’s most famous for the filters. Most of my pictures on social media and this blog were edited on VSCO.




4. Bear

This is my favorite writing app for my iPhone (and desktop). It has a beautiful, minimalist layout making it easier to focus on the writing. If you find yourself with your phone and free time — write!  #noexcuses

The only con is the syncing between devices is a paid upgrade. Evernote is still the best for syncing but doesn’t have the most intuitive organizational system. Bear, on the other hand, uses a simple hashtag system to organize everything.




5. Instapaper

How do I keep track of all the links for the subscriber-only Compilation? The secret is Instapaper.

Because I hated using bookmarks and having a gazillion tabs open, I started using Pocket. After getting frustrated with the app, I discovered Instapaper. And I love it! I can save articles from anywhere on the web and download it to read later (even offline). Plus it syncs between my laptop and phone, allowing me to read on any device I’m on.


read scripture

6. ReadScripture

I discovered this app through The Bible Project on YouTube. The app guides you through the entire Bible in one year along with incredibly animated and information-dense videos. I love how you read through the Psalms twice by the time you’re done!

My favorite feature is how you can start the reading plan at any time. Don’t wait for January 1st when 99% of resolutions made are never kept anyways. If you don’t have a Bible reading plan, there is no better time to set it up than today.

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7. ESV

My favorite all-around Bible app — for reading and listening. I was pleasantly surprised to find the audio Bible built into the ESV app is really good.



8. Spotify

While I work, write, and study, Spotify is always playing in the background, keeping me focused and motivated. Despite the increase in the number of ads on the free plan, it’s still my favorite music streaming service.

Plus, I have close to 100 hundred hours of music. Yes, I counted up all my playlists and yes, that number is ridiculous. But as one friend told me, “There is no such thing as too many playlists.”


Other Apps

Here’s a list of other apps I use on my phone all the time. Whether all of them are productive or not, I will leave for you to decide. 🙂

  • Podcasts (the native Apple app)
  • YouTube
  • Kayak (for travel)
  • Google Authenticator (2-step verification)


Did I miss an amazing app we should all know about? Share your favorite apps below and let’s talk about it! And if you downloaded one of the apps I shared, tell me what you think about it below.