Compilation 3.27.17

A song about Eustace Scrubbs from Narnia, why LOTR is the most amazing film trilogy ever, amazing facts about coffee, and more. Yes, this week is about to get nerdy.

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Despite hating coffee, I got a job as a barista for a year. I started learning how a cup of good coffee is influenced by how the coffee was grown, roasted, ground, brewed, and more. It opened up a whole new world of coffee magic and life has never been the same…

Okay, maybe not that far. But Ryan shares the same passion for coffee! As a barista, he shared some interesting, weird, and downright entertaining facts about coffee over at his blog tumultuousminds.

Caffeinated Goats – Some facts about coffee


I decided to start sharing 2 songs every week! The last song will always be instrumental and something I listen to while studying.

Note: Like this song? You can (legally) download it for free.


Has anyone else had ads start to appear in their Instagram feed? :/

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Look at them – so calm. #visitfaroeislands 🍃

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People who choose to live a remote life often trigger something in me. Hearing their stories brings tears to my eyes. I don't exactly know why, but my heart bursts at the sight of their happiness. It seems like choosing to have almost nothing (in a material way) can result in living a very rich and pure life. It's something that I miss in our western society. I had this same feeling when I met Anna and Óli Rubeksen, two modern day sheep farmers who live in a beautiful house with large windows in Velbastaður, a small town with a population of about 200 people. Their kindness, hospitality and view on the world inspired me to enjoy life even more and be a kinder person. On a Sunday morning we talked about world politics, the charm of living on an island far from everything and everyone, heimlongsil, farming, their two dogs Fram and Lóa, Faroese knitting, and skerpikjøt – dried lamb meat, best eaten with a slice of homemade soda bread and a sprinkle of sea salt. After having enjoyed the best brunch of my life we headed out to the mountains, where Óli, Fram and Lóa showed me how they herd the flock, a magnificent spectacle for both eyes and ears. I felt so small and humble. After we'd finished, we said goodbye, telling each other how special this morning was for all of us. I really really hope to see them again. More about Anna and Óli in the next post and later on the website. 💕🇫🇴

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