You’re Waiting for Something. What is It?

“At least it is not blistering hot.”

We were standing in line to a ride at an amusement park. Not just any amusement park, but a gorgeous park in the heart of Florida. Being in the park felt like being inside another world, but that line…

I would have been okay with one line. Two lines. Maybe even three lines. The problem was everywhere you looked, there were lines.

  • Lines to get into the park
  • Lines for every single ride in the park
  • Lines to restaurants and coffee shops
  • Lines to get your drink refilled
  • Lines to the bathrooms

Okay, I exaggerated. I only saw lines going into the girl’s bathroom. Surprised?

Some lines were less than 10 minutes. Other lines for bigger rides were upwards of 95 minutes. Even the interstate was one long line. Like get-in-bed-at-2-am long.

I thought waiting in line for two hours for a ride was bad until a recent conversation. This individual went to visit a brand new attraction and ride at the same park we went to. How long did she wait? She waited…wait for it….

8 hours.

Mind blowing, isn’t it? It got me thinking.

Why wait that long?

These people (including us) were willing to sacrifice a significant amount of time for a ride. A ride that lasts, at the most, 5 minutes. All that waiting for just a few minutes of twists, turns, and drops.

Why? Because they counted the enjoyment from the ride valuable enough to wait even hours for. The sheer pleasure was well worth the wait.

Waiting – ironically one of the things our generation is the worst at. Science says:

I will not deny those findings. At the same time, I do not think we have completely lost our attention and patience. Here’s why. We will wait, be patient, give of our time, and pay attention based on one condition – that what we receive at the end is worth it.

This is not a new development in humans as the result of technological advancement. This is human nature that has only been recently accentuated. Humans stay the same.

Worth the wait.

We all are willing to wait for something. Not that we are just willing to wait, but that we are currently waiting. All of us are standing in imaginary lines, waiting for something better to come.

Maybe you are waiting for:

  • That promotion with the increased pay
  • That “perfect” person to come into your life
  • That retirement so you can finally travel the world
  • That investment to finally give a good return
  • That creative spark to finally hit for your book, song, art, etc.
  • That big break for your book, song, art, blog (ahem)

This is why I have a hard time believing people when they say things such as:

I don’t have enough time!

I can’t wait that long!

I’m too busy!

Obviously, you are not too busy for other things in your life. You are more than willing to dump time, attention, patience, and waiting into other things you consider worthy enough.

But is it worth it?

Maybe it is. Maybe it is not. But it would be a horrible thing to waste your life and only realize at the end that it wasn’t worth it.