short stories

Cloud Herder / A man and a mysterious bird living alone in the desert are forced to fight for survival.

Where Yonder Ends / When an estranged man is forced to return to his hometown, his young son stumbles upon something strange.

Amalie & Her Flying Toaster / in progress

Stars Don’t Blink / in progress


This is where I post all my poetry collections. Enjoy.

What Will Happen When We Cannot Touch? / The lock down poems written during a period of one week.

after eden / Poems taken from my tiny notebook over the holidays and the 2020 New Year.

AdolescentDesertification. / Awkwardness, anxieties, angst. And trees.

i am nostalgic for all these things / Memories and moments that evoke that fuzzy good feeling known as “nostalgia”.

to: Innocence / A collection of older poems, inspired from my favorite fantasy worlds.


Outrage, Beauty, and the Beast / What a classic Disney movie has to say about our current “outrage culture”.

America, Let’s Make Tea Time Great Again / A tongue-in-cheek look at America‚Äôs non-existent tea culture.

We’re All Nifflers / Notification addiction. And if you don’t know what nifflers are…just read this.

Into Kenya / Just another “Hey, I went on a trip so let me tell you how cool it was”. Spoiler: it was a cool trip.


Pixel-paper letters that travel invisible virtual airways. Like a blog but in email form. Like opening a digital present. Except not as fun as a real present, of course.